Ducted A/C

Heating and A/C Ducting

Ducted A/C

A ducted air conditioning & heating system added to a home are typically installed in the home’s attic or basement. The cooling or heating equipment is set in place. Custom fabricated duct work designed to fit the application is made in our fabrication shop, delivered to your home, and professionally installed.

Duct work has to be insulated to meet the current code requirements of R-8 in unconditioned spaces. The main trunk-line can be fabricated in galvanized sheet metal or lined fiberglass. Both materials can be fabricated to any size required to fit the space allowed to meet the needed CFM of the equipment.

Each supply outlet or return inlet is then installed with a register box and flexible ducting which is typically used to tie into the truck duct with a balancing damper to control the air flow.

Motorized zone dampers can be installed for a more comfortable and efficient system.

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