Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators improve indoor air quality

Nothing is more important than the health of family and home

Energy recovery ventilator (ERV) products are based upon a simple principal - bring equal amounts of healthier, fresh air into your home while exhausting the same amount out, and do this in the best energy-efficient manner as possible. Unlike ordinary residential ventilation systems, ERV’s handle both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating humidity and temperature extremes during summer as well as winter. This results in the very efficient delivery of fresh air while exhausting unhealthy stale air, including odors, excess carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful gaseous pollutants, regardless of the time of year or where you live.

Healthier Home Approach for your family

Advanced Energy Recovery Ventilation versus bathroom fans

Simple bath fans are often promoted to provide your home'’'s critical indoor fresh air component. First and foremost, a bath fan ventilation system has no energy recovery component. Energy recovery ventilator’s core preconditions the incoming ventilation air using the available energy in the exhaust air leaving the home. Furthermore, bath fans only drive air in one direction – out of your home, placing your tightly built home under negative pressure. The sysytem’s balanced approach maintains the home under neutral or balanced pressure, avoiding driving air into or out of the home’s energy envelope. Balanced ventilation decreases the possibility of condensation at points where hot air meets cold air within the building envelope as well as undesired hot or cold air infiltration. Undue condensation inside the home or within the building envelope can lead to unwanted mold, mildew and subsequent structural damage. In new construction and remodel situations, Energy Recovery Ventilation systems can be used in place of bath fans with a control conveniently placed in each bathroom while still providing energy efficient, balanced whole house ventilation.

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