Ultra Violet Light

Ultra Violet Light

UV-AIRE Air Purification System

Indoor Air: High Concentrations of Biological Contaminants with tighter building construction in recent years, the quality of indoor air has declined dramatically.

The air circulating in the ductwork of the average home or office can be concentrated with contaminants including molds, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. We fill our lungs up to 20,000 times each day. Over time, these contaminants can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes, upper respiratory problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches, and flu-like symptoms.

Filtering systems offer little or no help because these airborne contaminants either pass through the filter or simply collect on the filter medium, creating a breeding ground. Now, with the UV-Aire Air Purifying System, a solution is available to directly address the problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

The Sun: Natures Outdoor Air Purifier

For years, scientists have known that one of the most effective air purifiers is natural sunlight. Not the light we see when we look out the window, but the invisible C band, ultraviolet rays that make up part of the suns light spectrum. The suns UV-C rays act as a natural outdoor air purification system, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and dust mites. However, this natural process does not occur indoors. Ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) replicates the natural outdoor purification system of the sun by destroying the illness and disease-causing microbes living and multiplying in indoor air. In combination with a quality filter, it is the most effective way to reduce airborne contaminants and the health risks they represent.

These units are very simple to install in your ducted heating or air conditioning system in less than an hour.
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